Intro to Elle and Kobash



This is me and Kobash. Kobash is my service dog. No im not blind, and yes I know I don’t “look” like I have anything wrong with me, But as we all know appearances can be deceiving. I have Asperger Syndrome, and Kobash helps me to cope better with being out in the world. Asperger syndrome is a form of Autism, though its at the higher end. I was diagnosed as high functioning Autism in 1987 when I was 11. Then as Aspergers in 1992 when I was 16-17. For years my parents were told to not tell me about my Autism, because I wouldn’t be able to handle knowing about it. They were told to put me in an institution. My mother was told that she was the cause of it and that she was a refrigerator mother. We all know now though that that is wrong. Its not caused by lack of affection from the mother. We also know that its not from vaccines. Its genetic. Our brains function differently from a Neurotypical brain. Some compare it to a different operating system. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. It wasn’t until I had become a mother myself that I started learning anything about Aspergers Syndrome (pronounced with a hard “G” not a soft one). But there is always more to learn, as there is always new research being done about it.
I created a group on Facebook for people with Aspergers. Its called Planet Aspergia. Its also a website, on twitter, and a page on Facebook too. The group on FaceBook is always growing, and there are some wonderful, wacky, creative, ASD’ers on there. Some are Whovians, some are nuts about Lego, or Anime or all of the above. But whoever they are, they are all lovely, and it a safe place to go to meet other Aspies and for those that have just been diagnosed, to find out more about themselves. We’re all happy to answer any questions from those that are truly interested in knowing more. And for those parents that have just had a child diagnosed, they can also join to find out more.

Its my plan to use this blog to write about my AS, or about Kobash and service dogs, or about anything that “floats my boat” because im bored and restless, or in a weird mood. You are welcome to like it or not, its up to you. But this is just for me to have some writing creative time. 

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