Saturday. On my own. Boy has gone to his Dad’s, and spent last night there. Will go and get him later. Husband is out also. So alone for the nest couple of hours at least. I like it this way. I don’t have to “try“. I can just Be. It’s so hard to be yourself with other people around. Even those that supposedly love us, and “get” us. But don’t really. I’m not being maudlin or anything. Its just a fact. Only those of our own kind really know where we’re coming from, those from the same Planet, know how our brains work. Or at the very least, are able to move away from the million of things going on inside their own heads, to make a brief connection.
No I didn’t sleep last night. How’d you guess?

Coffee cup in hand. Nice black coffee. The only way to drink it. Though I had to build up to that. Damn dairy allergy. I miss cheese so much!

Kobash is on the floor next to me……hangon…….where??…….(whistles)…….Kobash is now on the floor next to me. I love his presence. I really don’t have to try with him around. Animals are the only ones that we can be ourselves around in the fullest extent. They don’t judge us. They don’t question us. Well maybe sometimes. I can see that raised eyebrow Kobash, thanks very much. Floors cold. No wonder he keeps moving off to the carpeted bedroom. *Note to self. Must buy new mat for floor for Kobash* 
Dogs forgives us no matter how angry we get, or loud, or what ever it is we may do Aspie fashion, they are always there. I never felt at ease anywhere unless there was a dog around. When I was forced to endure public outtings, if there was a dog around I was able to turn my attention to it and endure better the verbal, the light, the noise, the smells……. The joy and excitement that was mine when I discovered people like me could have a Service Dog! And what a mission it was that I embarked on to finally have him in my life. But so worth it. The training never stops, always there is something else to learn, but for his breed its the best. His brain is always going like mine, so to give him a job to do is like water in the desert. I know that if circumstances allowed, I would be surrounded by animals at home. Unfortunately the circumstances suck. But I have my Kobash. I have my cat’s, And I have my scared of everything Greyhound Nova. Its quite a mix here in this house.

But right now its just me, Kobash,  Nova, and my coffee. Ahhhhhh coffee. Yes I love my coffee too. And those on my Asperger group know how much I do. And I love the good natured teasing and funny picture posts about coffee obsessed people that they put up for me giggle, or sometimes laugh out loud at (even in public. which gets strange looks in my direction. But who cares anyway right? A laugh is a laugh is a laugh). But I love them all.

And in a little while, after the blogging, the FaceBook-ing, the Moshi monstering, and other net surfer-ings, I will take myself and go and watch some Disney channelling too. Yes I love my Dog with a Blog (who wouldn’t. ITS A TALKING DOG!), and yes there is Sci Fi too. I will veg out on the recliner and let my brain focus on something that doesn’t take any effort to focus on, and thereby let it relax somewhat.

Rambling done. Over and out.


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