Heart Attack Optional

When too many things are going on at once, trying to remember things is even harder for an easily distractable Aspie brain.

Thinking I may have to train Kobash to be my functioning memory. Trying to get The AsperBoy ready for a day at his Dad’s (no you cant take your library card the library is shut today. Yes I know its Monday, but its a public holiday. Yes public holidays suck), while getting myself organized, debating with the Husband, should we get a coffee while we’re out (YES!), what else do we need to get while we’re out? Are the shops open (I hope so, stupid long weekends) What pants am I wearing? Does this top go with these shorts? (who cares as long as I’m comfortable), its so glary in the house, I think I need my sunnies, where are my sunnies……… So I’m fiddling and futzing and thinking I’m putting on both my engagement ring and wedding ring (which I’ve barely been wearing around the house of late because my senses have been so much out of whack than usual that I can feel them as a dead weight on my finger).

Kobash’s vest is by the front door where I left it yesterday. Grab vest we’re running late now! Need fuel on a low tank!

Vest is on, haltie is on, where are the keys! In my hand. I need a coffee. (You’ve already had a coffee) I need another coffee! Finally out the door. Only 4 minutes late to meet AsperBoy’s Dad. Didn’t do it by halves when pulling his hammie he says when I offered him a golf clap. AsperBoy is happy and off, and Husband and I are standing in line for that black liquid I love so well. Its busy, as always at the barefooted Barista, where coffee is made with shoes on.
Dogs are welcome there. Though Kobash doesn’t need permission. People always want to pat him. Cant wait till I get the new patches for his vest which will read
Service Dog, Do Not Pat.
Yes he is handsome and patable, but have you noticed the vest he is wearing?
Fiddling with my rings is stimful. On and off, twist them around.
Here there and everywhere. Making stops. Texts from Mother (come by after moitin *meeting*. Meeting was yesterday. Oh) Long talks about family and things. It wasn’t until I was driving home, Husband in the passenger seat, my unconscious ring fiddling turned into, why am I only wearing one??!! Text Mother. No ring there. The speedometer on the dash board only slightly going over the limit, as I frantically try to retrace my steps.
Ring was sitting on the chest of draws amid a flurry of tissues, clip on purple and blue hair, feather ear rings and dust.
Dust bunnies hopping every where but no carrots for them.
So after the heart attack I think its time to relax my mind, and still frozen back, and blog and bit, and scroll down the FaceBook foot path to funny Dog pictures and Aspgergian titillating scififullness, and maybe a moshling or two. Then Nap for me I think.




4 thoughts on “Heart Attack Optional

  1. Good ol’ Kobash! They are lovely, aren’t they, our service pups? I allow people to pat Lucy, if they ask politely, and most do. That is because I find it’s the best way to do some casual advocacy for service dogs. I get to say my piece in a non-threatening short space of time and situation (for me and the other person). But yes, if you don’t wish for that kind of interaction, you definitely should get a patch to say Do Not Touch etc. Have a great day!


    • I do let people pet Kobash if he isn’t doing anything for me at the time. Its just those that distract him while he is on the job, and those that try to feed him. If someone asks me, I can instruct Kobash to go and say hello. I want him to know when he can interact and when he needs to focus. 🙂 That’s why the patch for sure. Its good when they ask and we get the opportunity to raise some awareness about service dogs 🙂


      • People can be rude. I am lucky thus far, nobody has tried to feed Lucy. That is a definite ‘No No!’ Sounds like you need to get that patch. The only time I’ve had to stop people was when a bunch of young guys started to heckle Lucy with racing chants etc. Silly boys.


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