Why do we Aspergians have to be so sensitive? Its one of the things can irk me at times, even though I like being the person I am, and what I am. Aspergian by birth from Planet Aspergia. While I can be almost dull to some pain (im in pain most of the time with my back and neck to the point I don’t feel the heat pack and can burn myself), while at other times all I have to do is stub my toe and im on the floor.

Stupid plastic lid cut my thumb.

And of course with that, im pouting and all anxious.


My boo boo

Curse of being hyper sensitive on one hand and hypo on the other.

While I love that I can hear on Dog level, I also hate it when the lorikeets are shrieking or the cutlery is clinking against each other. I hate the glare that makes me go almost blind, but I love being up to pick up details that others cant. I can feel changes in my environment like an animal can detect a storm coming. But I hate my arms being touched.

There are pros and cons to being Aspergian. I long for the day this world will be more Aspie friendly.

And theres a dimmer switch on the sun.

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