Schools back in. Let the routine commence.

I wish it were so easy to just jump into a routine with out having to work at it. That its was a simple as putting on underwear. *rummages through dresser draw* Where was that routine? Right next to my knee highs.

AsperBoy is back at school, back to his routine. He loves school. LOVES it. Such a huge jump from the trauma he suffered at his previous school from bullies and teachers. And this was on going even after diagnosis. Of course now that he is out of that school they are the choice school for your child to attend if they are on the spectrum. Sigh. Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites with nits.,

He had become suicidal from what he had had to endure at that school. I couldn’t sit back and watch him suffer. I had gone through the same when I was at school, and there was NO way my Boy was going to have undergo the same. So against his fathers wishes (who didn’t understand what AsperBoy was experiencing. I pulled him out, and under advice from the ever amazing and outstanding Tony Attwood, (as it was in the middle of the year) I home schooled him for the remainder of the year, so he could be enrolled in a new school at the start of a new one. With home schooling he was able to start the long road to recovery from the trauma he had suffered. He went from drawing only in led pencil or black pen, to drawing in colour. I would only allow him to draw and write in colour pencils or crayons. We did Aesop’s fables, and ancient Greece, story boards, maths, science experiments (well, eco houses that almost malfunctioned)  learned about volcanoes, entomology, art, and he read, we went to the library and he read. He read Charles dickens, Jules Verne, he read books on English, and insects, and he even read from the Bible. He went from being so hyper anxious and stressed out, to coming more into his own.

Integration into new schools can be harder than reciting the periodic table while riding a unicycle with a mouth full of marbles while juggling Chihuahuas.

First day at new school

First day at new school

Star of the week :)

Star of the week 🙂

First play with big part!

First play with big part!


To help with the process of starting a new school, we went had short visits. With kids that would be in his class the nest year, the teacher he would have. This new school did everything in its power to make my AsperBoy’s transition smoother then my husbands fresh shaved face in the morning (that’s smooth). So by the time he commenced school the following year he would have a basic surety of how things would go.

Pre meds, and melt downs galore, make for one stressed out Garfield without lasagne.

This was all before AsperBoy was on any medication (a tale of adventure that equals an Indiana Jones movie on steroids). He had been seeing a psychologist the previous year and she was amazing with the way she had helped my boy. He started off the year going in for whole days. But when it became apparent that all that he had undergone the year before had had a bigger impact on him than we had realized, with melt downs reaching a magnitude of 10 on the Richter scale. In his anxiety he had trashed the support services room, the library, and had thrown a metal and wooden bench that would take two adults to lift together like Bruce Banner in Hulk mode. No wonder his favourite colour is green. After going through the first week like this, it was decided that he needed to have his days shorter, to help him acclimate better, and alleviate some of his anxiety. So he went to school for only a couple of hours a day. Which wasn’t easy. I had to get as much done in those couple of hours as I could before having to go and pick him back up.

Fast forward but with the comedy.

It took a whole year of this. Of slowly increasing his time, till he was in for a whole day. By the time year 4 started he was spending most of his time in the class room. He had gone form being so scared of the other kids and the teachers, from only staying in the support services room where it was safe, to actually having a couple of friends and being in the class room most of the day. And what a story there.

He has had to get past a lot of obstacles each year, but he does. he makes it. He still has issues (what Asperkid doesn’t?) and there are the very occasional melt downs and panic attacks, and times where he will catastrophise a very small incident. But everyone is so proud of him and what he has accomplished. He is even know taking music lessons (learning to play the clarinet like squidward), and he has friends. Im am over the moon that he has had so much help. The people at support services, especially Mrs Totten, have done so much to help my boy integrate in to school. He hasn’t made it easy for them, but they didn’t give up. I think they deserve and award.

This is all a far cry from what I had had to endure at school. But then I was diagnosed in the “80’s.

Oh so she likes to draw? No, I said AUtistic, not Artistic! 

Refrigerator mothers beware.  


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