Mmmmmmmmmm Coffee


I really like this pic. I don’t know why.

OH! Yes I do!. Its because im ever so slightly obsessed (or is that ASP-sessed) with coffee. Not enough to know how its grown, how it gets from plant to my cup. What blends make the perfect mix. Im just obsessed with drinking it. And in Aspie fashion, im obsessed with drinking it from the same place, with the same roasts. And all the better if I can get the same person to make it for me. Though I cant really hang to on to that.

My favourite Café is The Barefoot Barista. And my favourite blends are the one that’s mad and the mama that’s hoochie. OH my! It gets so busy there, that if it weren’t for the fact that I HAD to have my coffee, I probably wouldn’t go there at all. Before I got remarried, I used to go there while AsperBoy was at school, sit at the same place, Kobash under my feet, take away cup in hand (always in a take away cup. There’s just something about having it in a take away cup), and id watch the people come and go. I almost felt like an Anthropologist in my studies of Humans as they went about their day to day lives. Id try and guess what they did for a living. What kind of personality they had. Why they chose the clothes they did, that sort of thing. All while sipping and savouring that black delight.

Until I got remarried, my only cups would be during the day, as after I had AsperBoy my taste buds changed to the point that even the thought of instant coffee makes me gag. So I would take my time to enjoy the cups I had at Barefoot. I used to make a joke with my Mum, that wouldn’t it nice if I met a man that had the beliefs as me, and goals in life, but that he was also a Barista? Of course my mother would laugh and say buckleas and none my dear.

Jokes on her though, because my new Husband is also a Barista. It is to laugh. Of course he longer works making coffee, in an employed form anyway. He makes coffee for me on the machine that was so very appropriately and thoughtfully given to us as a marriage present. I love waking up in the morning to fresh made coffee. And yes, I buy my beans from the very Café I now infrequently visit.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could happily drink it in my sleep. I wonder if its an Aspergian thing (or a me thing) that I can drink it and then go to sleep? It seems to have the opposite effect on me.

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