Park times and rancid plunges.

Blogging on the sly. Feel like a secret agent. Wish I had a fedora and a trench coat. Oooooh! AsperBoy has a fedora! (tip toes off to get fedora) Dang it. Too small for my head.

Im finding that its been too long since ive had a creative outlet. And even though im not writing anything of any great repute, and not seeking to big note or big name myself. Im loving being able to talk about two of the three big things in my life. The last one being the of the greater statue then the others, but still the other two being something in their own way, though not huge in the grand scheme of things as with the bigger one. Confusing I know.


ASD and service Dogs, obsessive crazy Dog lady, AsperKids and the perpetual motion engine that is my brain.


I had such a nice walk with the Dogs this afternoon while I still had some time to myself. I cherish the time I have to myself. Time to BE myself. To not have to put on a costume of a personality to please what ever person I happen to be with at the time. That’s what I love about having Kobash. I started implementing some of the things that were suggested to me for his continued never ending training. More love, less treats. Keeping up with recall while at the park and there being lots of distractions.


Getting down all fours in the lush green grass.

Crouching down and patting the earth, Kobash lifts his head, big smile on his face, tongue lolling out the left side of his mouth, he puts his head down and charges in my direction, at full gallop. If it were anyone else they would have ducked and run for cover, thinking that he was going to collide with their legs. I braced myself a little, though for no reason, as he  skipped to a stop and thrust his big head into my arms. Smelling like neem oil shampoo and the grass he has rolled in. I ran my hands through his thick fur and took a breath in. Thinking back, im glad I did that when I did. As not five minutes later he decided that he really needed some more of that cologne that he had plunged into the last time were at that section of the park.



Left of the pic is the rancid water Kobash had a dip in.


Nice homeopathically shampooed dog, now drying on his bed.


Feeding time at 4pm again. Well a quarter past as we had to go pick up AsperBoy from his Dad’s first. 
















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