He will succeed.

Getting into the fourth day of Kobash’s new eating routine. I’m seeing a light at the end of his food obsessed tunnel. While he still is as excited as ever at meal times, the roused state at which he cries and carries on has reduced.  When I tried to get him to stop the ruckus, he wouldn’t listen to me. Only kept his focus on the food and what I was doing with it. Now, when I ask him to quiet, he does, His body is still almost rigidly vibrating in anticipation. But he quiets. I know that having him and Nova feed separately is also helping. Though that was something I was already doing. Also the extra attention and focusing on him that I have been doing in my effort to climb out of Aspie sensory induced hibernation is making a difference. Its making him happier that he can interact with me more.



Im so glad I have him to help me. I feel so blessed to have him. So many others with diffabilities like Aspergers that could benefit from having a dog like Kobash are missing out. There needs to be more funding in this area so people more able to take advantage of and benefit from having a Service Dog in their life. Most people realise how much of an impact these Dogs have on peoples lives.



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