School pick ups, tantamount to the running of the bulls

School drop off are bad enough. Finding anywhere to park is a nightmare on you know where. Its like parents are manic and its life or death to get to school or its going to vanish and they’ll be stuck with their kids all day. The horror. 

With my Asperger’s, drop off time was one of the worst things I had to endure. People rushing here there and everywhere, flashing past my eyes the stress of finding a parking spot (there are like maybe 20 spots in a school of a squillion kids. Yes I exaggerate for emphasis), the noise of the cars, the adults, the kids……. Then if I was lucky to find a spot (that didn’t take me 50 goes around the round about and back again to find) trying to get past the swarming multitude to get  AsperBoy to class was the final frontier battle. Now, even though I wasn’t expecting it, even though it came as a complete shock that protested heartily about to all within ear shot, the new drive through drop off has made school drop off time almost a pleasure. I don’t have to leave the car at all. So good (she breaths out a happy sigh).

But school pick up times…….. Shudder. I can feel the icy chill of fear crawling down my back. Brrrrr. Pick up time is even worse. Its what used to be drop time times a billion. The noise that the kids emitted, that the adults emitted, that anything crawling walking driving or flying emitted was amplified by 50. I couldn’t focus on anything because it was all moving too fast, and with the way I tend to see everything all at once wasn’t helping in that department. The only way for me to cope with it was pick up AsperBoy early, before the dreaded bell went and madness was let loose. On seeing my distress, the wonderful people in AsperBoy’s support services made me my own security gate parking card (only for teachers and the lolly pop ladies) so that I could park in there and have AsperBoy meet me at the car. Its made pick up times easier to bare. I still have to get there at the right time, and bolt as soon as his butt hits the backseat, but seeing everyone line up at the drive through for so long its possible to go grey while sitting there, it is such a blessing to be able to avoid it. Of course that doesn’t eliminate the mania that still surrounds pick up time. I keep wondering why they don’t have police patrol at that time like they do in the morning. People are practically parked through and on the round about to the point that driving through traffic is impossible. And those with four wheel drives (and even those without) drive over the top of it to get through. Its dangerous. The parents are so focused on getting their kids that they don’t take into account traffic safety for anyone else. Its scary how people can get. And in typical Aspergian fashion I “chuck a Sheldon” and have a rant at the rule breakers. Its just so inconceivable that people can be like that. I mean I know that they can be and why they can be, but it confuses me and makes my brain hurt that why can they be??

So now, with AsperBoy dropped off at school, I sit at my desk computer shopping for dog coats and facebooking and moshi-ing  (multitasking? Nailed it) too. One of those rainy days that you can spend all day in bed on. Making everything so much more lush and green outside. It would be more peaceful if not for the lorikeets shrieking as they do when it rains. I usually only have to endure that In the mornings and afternoons. Sigh. But still a pretty day.

Now time to hibernate till its pickup time

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