Wet Friday. As opposed to dry Friday

Big last couple of days. Poor AsperBoy had a bullying incident at his school on Wednesday. He doesn’t cope with any kind of teasing, even if the person doing it is only doing it in good natured fun. He doesn’t know the difference. After what he coped at his last school, the trauma he went through, he is so raw and sensitive, that any kind of joking can set him off.

After being at this school for going on three years now, he is just starting to venture onto the play ground with the other kids. This has been a big step for him. He has made friends, but when he played with them, it would be in smaller groups that he was better able to handle, and not on the play ground. So on Wednesday, it was his first time there, having a run around with the other kids. A lot of other kids. They were all good naturedly snatching each others hats off and running off with them. And of course AsperBoy wasn’t omitted from that. One girl grabbed his hat from off his head (you cant grab anything from him as he cannot handle it and will have a melt down if you try) and took off. He panicked and ran after her to get it back. After getting back, she continued with her teasing of him. AsperBoy anxiety started reaching critical levels and in his anger he came toward her with is hands out (though he swears that he would never have hurt her. He just wanted her to stop the teasing). She by this time was on the monkey bars and turned around and kicked him in the mouth. In tears and hurt, AsperBoy was waiting in support services when I went to pick him up. I had gone a bit early as I wasn’t feeling the best, and came in to see him with an ice pack on his mouth with tears streaming down his red cheeks. Everyone had worked so hard to get him to the point where he was feeling confident enough to go to the paly ground. Needless to say he has taken a step back, and is back to being in support service during break time. The teachers there are wonderful though, and did a full investigation into what happened. Turned out the girl had admitted to teasing him on purpose, but that she hadn’t meant to kick him in the mouth.  They questioned all the other kids, and no can remember what she had said to get AsperBoy worked up, and she couldn’t remember either. I’m not surprised though. The play ground can be an over stimulating place, even for NT kids. I’m hoping with time, AsperBoy will relax again and venture back to the play ground. Everyone there is working so hard to help him make the steps he needs to make each year in his development in social awareness. Its a slow process, and being Aspergian he will never fully grasp it, but he is trying his best. And I in turn am doing everything I can to make sure that his journey will be as smooth as possible, and that he wont have to go through the things I did at school.


Kobash looking after AsperBoy


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