Park life

Beautiful at the Park. Lush green grass. Always green like that, even during the dry season, being as close to the water table that is. Which makes it fun for the wet season for the Humans who take their Dog’s for a walk on what was once a park, but is now a lake. 

The trees there are massive. Big branches reaching outward and upward. Lots of birds, lots of bugs, even the occasional frog on a rainy late afternoon.

Its one of Kobash’s favourite places. To him run in the prancey way he does when he’s happy, makes me happy too. His back legs kicking out, almost bouncing on the foot path in joy to be running free. Enjoying the breeze in his fur, the sun on his face.

What a change of life for this once neglected and starved Dog.

Today, even though the sun was out, the cold snap has definitely come upon us. The usual breeze replaced with a cold hard wind. None of this bothered Kobash in the least, as he ran with Nova and used his nose on every scent that came with in reach of its smelling power.  So glad that its only a walk away to the park. So close. No excuse to not go. To not let Him remind me that I too need exercise.

Though in my Aspergian way, I could have done without the wind. Not a fan of the wind (though ironically I cant sleep with out a fan on. Though it is pointed away from me at the time).

Yes the cold has definitely arrived, after a long hot summer. I swear I’ve lost height from sweating through my bones. Yes I’m aware you cant lose height from sweating through your bones.  

The perfect weather with which to have a nap in the afternoon with.



              The sky walking into the park.

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