The cold snap hath arrived

Oh boy, when they said there was a cold snap coming this weekend, they wernt kidding. The cold has hit with full force and no mucking around. And in Aspie fashion, I feel the cold more like I also feel the heat more in summer and prone to heat strokes if im not careful. The cold always gets to my feet and hands the most. So if im assiduous enough to keep at least my feet warm with multiple socks im fine.

Now is also the time to buy new Dog jumpers. The snaps on Nova’s coat are busted and it falls back on her and around her front legs so she cant walk with on. So definitely one for her. And a new one for the Blue Boy so he is all set for Melbourne. No telling what the weather will be doing down there. Im told that it can go through all four seasons in one day. Eek.

The last couple of days have been so cold, feet turning to ice blocks, hands feel like ive had them stuck in a freezer. And its not even full blow winter yet. Yesterday was spent rugged up on the couch in jumper and trakkie pants, two pairs of socks with booties, and a blanket. And this morning I went to wake up AsperBoy to find that he was wrapped up in his blanket with his dressing gown on too. He’d gotten up in the middle of the night to put it on because he was actually feeling the cold. And this is the Boy that since birth, sweats in winter and can only tolerate one thin blanket. Looks like that is changing now as he gets older. So next week its off to pillow talk for a new doona for him. And maybe kmart for long pj’s.

At least for now its warm inside. The oven did a good job of heating up the cold kitchen from the cup cakes I made earlier. And the stove is keeping warm with dinner cooking on it. Mmmmmm, cottage pie for dinner.

Still struggling with the hyper senses. It seems that they are getting more acute by the day. Im so grateful to Kobash that pulls me out of crowds and noise when I may have made myself stay in them in the attempt to socialize. If I had, im sure id be suffering a social hangover right now. Each noise that crashes around me. Even touch, when its expected is painful and a shock to my system. Its time like these I realise even more that, while people are recognizing the need for more resources for children and intervention programmes, there still needs to be more of that for adults. Its not cheap to get the Irlen lenses I need, or ear plugs either. Especially if your living on a pension.

But for now, I must do what I can. Make sure I have time alone, time for quiet, or even just vegging in front of the tv. Make sure that the environment I live in is sensorily tailored for me so home will be haven I need it to be. A respite from the world. Soon I will have Tony Attwoods new book too.

AsperBoys room is set up for him. All in his favourite colours. All stuffed with the books on his obsessions.

Cottage pie is calling me.

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