Title to be advised.

One thing I cant recommend highly enough is a good psychological session where ever possible. Especially for those on the spectrum. This world can be such a confusing place. Neurotypical’s being the worst of it, that we need someone with whom to be able to talk frustrations out. Someone who will listen.  And even better if that someone is knowledgeable in Asperger’s.

I really appreciated that today.

Its taken me years to be able to find someone that actually listened to me when I spoke. And didn’t just talk back at me with a bunch of nonsense that clearly showed that they weren’t listening me at all. Ive bounced from one to the next. Psychiatrists who only wanted to drug me (ive been one thing after another to the point where I felt like a walking pharmacy) when they should have been smart enough with the amount of certificates on their walls to know what you cant medicate Asperger’s. To psychologists  that just sat there nodding their heads at me murmuring “Ah huh, and how did that make you feel?” By all rights if I had wanted to give up on the search of finding a good psychologist, no one could have blamed me.

By chance, on one of the many visits to my Son’s Psychologist, she mentioned another lady in the rooms there, that would be perfect for me. I clearly needed someone to talk to, being as I was at the time, a single Aspergian mother to an Aspergian/ADHD/ODD and Anxious child.  I was sceptical at first. It had been a long time since id seen one. The last Person being a psychiatrist who had put me so different medications that I was practically a zombie. After being off all medication for a couple of years, I was not wanting to be on anything again. I had learnt by that time that you cant medicate Aspergers. All you can do is manage it the best you can. I didn’t suffer from depression, so why did they keep putting me on stuff? It did nothing to help, only made life worse. Yes, when I started suffering nightmare panic attacks, it was good. But after learning that I was celiac and that it was gluten that was making me nutty, I went gluten free (among other things I found I was allergic too) and I was better. That’s not to say that I don’t still have a panic attack or too, but now I know that they are from being overloaded or from a sensory bombardment. and that’s also when I learnt that only GP’s and shrinks can medicate people. Not psychologists.

I have been seeing that lovely lady for about 3 years or so now. Its great to finally have someone to talk to that actually offers useable advise, and actually listens to me. I know that she is a good person too from the way that Kobash falls straight to sleep when ever we go into her room. 

Nap time

Nap time

Waiting with Mum.

Waiting with Mum.

I know I can always rely on his judgement of people.
She likes that ive been writing again. Even if it is just for a hobby. She wants me to reconnect with me. I will try the mindfulness she suggested.
Now though its time to feed the menagerie.


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