Home Alone

A nice quiet day home alone. Much needed and welcomed. A time to reflect, a time for reading, a time for meditation…….. Who am I kidding? Im on the net, updating my web site planetaspergia.webs.com/, watching Disney channel, blogging, and wishing there were some cup cakes left. And nothing to make anymore with either. 

Kobash now has his own twitter account to link to his page on FaceBook. Partly made out of boredom, but with the hopeful goal of getting Service Dog awareness more out there into the world. Im hoping that more people will go on there, those that have Service Dogs, and share them and how they help, what they do for them, which organization their with, and the like. And also talk a bit about A.W.A.R.E Dogs, the organization that Kobash is with. Its because of people like those that run these Organizations, that its possible for people like me to be able to have a Service Dog, where as we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

With the web site updated, and Kobash having tweeted his tweets and posted to his page on FaceBook, its now time to get my Blogging on. Which was approved of by my lovely Psychologist, who is happy that I have a creative outlet. She thinks its good for me be able to use it get my thoughts sorted out. Its been so long since ive actually written anything. Even if it is just a blog. It feels good to be able to do it. I used to write fiction, but with life and changes in life, that all was put aside for other more important things. But as it turns out, its something that ive needed as a type of therapy, to soothe my soul. Be expressive. It seems to be the only way in which I can be, even in small way, elegant and graceful, though im not any of those things in real life. Im the type of person that can fall over from a standing position. Many skills I have in that area. And while some of what I write my come across as gibberish, or clumsy, and do write a bit about Aspergers and of course my beautiful Kobash (ok handsome Kobash. Better now Boy?). Just being able to have the feel of the keys from the keyboard under my fingers, and the rhythmic clicking as my fingers hit them is a type of balm for my spirit.

Kobash and Nova lying on the mattress on the floor next to me, Nova with her nose tucked under her front leg to keep it warm, Kobash curled up in a tight ball with tail over his nose. Ears twitching in my direction from any noise I make. He periodically rises to peer out the front door to check on security and all is well.                  Image

Never truly alone when their with me. A furry physical presence.







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