He’s come so far.

I’m in awe of how far Kobash has come. He is making improvements with his food obsession every day. Small, and un-noticeable though to those that don’t know how big of an issue it actually is for him.

There is another step forward he has made. I’ve written about the neglect and starvation he suffered with his previous owner. Well after spending the first 16-17 months of his life in that state, he has had lingering effects that have risen up on occasion to torment him and make his miserable. But stoic as always, he suffered in silence. He never lets me know when he is in pain. He just endures it. So have to be alert. But as we continue to bond closer, that task is easier and easier.

Because of the neglect, Kobash has skin issues. A fungal thing which has been a challenge to control. But with the right diet and making sure I wash him with the lovely homeopathic shampoo that the lady at the pet shop put me on it, and the alkaline water in his water bowl to help balance him out (Its the high acidity in his skin which is causing the fungal), its getting better.

He also has had reoccurring ear infections. Which the vet told me is a result of the skin condition. He had one really bad one last year. So bad that the vet said that if the medication didn’t help it they would have to do something surgically. The reason it got so bad was because Kobash never let on that something was amiss. He hadn’t learnt yet that he could come to me and I would help him if he needed me too. Thankfully the ear drops worked. Coupled with the antibiotic injections. I’ve found that he is more susceptible to ear infections if he gets water in them. At the moment I’m thankful that I had some of those drops left, as after a dip in stinky water at the park the other day, he is gotten another infection. This time though, I was aware of the signs and acted immediately.

The last physical upset he suffers from is the occasional eye infection. Another thing offset by his skin condition. I have found that if his skin is acting up, he will more then likely get a mild eye infection too. Same as with the ears. When I bath him, I make sure to wash his face well with a wash cloth. I noticed that makes a difference.

So all in all, he is made progress health wise. When he first came in to our lives, his skin was terrible, his coat was dull and greasy, he was too skinny and he had no idea what people were about or for.  But with love and care he has blossomed. His coat is shiny and all the colour has come right out in it. His food issues are slowly getting under control as he learns that it will always be regular and that he wont starve anymore. And he has a purpose. Something that every blue dog needs. And he does his job well. And everything he has learned and that has had to learn in his job for me, he has just done. From learning how to navigate malls, escalators, lifts, supermarkets,Image halls, conventions……. He faces everything like its the most normal thing, and he has done it all his life. Even air travel. I still remember the first time I saw him. In his crate, covered in poo (because someone had chosen to feed him before take off),

like it was something that happened everyday.   Image

Because of him, I’m able to face social situations better. Because of him helping me, and me recognising it more, I leave social situations before I end up suffering more mentally and physically from them. He helps me when I’m that over stimulated by my senses and the environment around me, by climbing onto my lap and re-centring me. Image He stands behind me in lines so no one else can. And lets me lean my calves against him for balance if I have to stand for too long. He’s always aware of me, always checking on me. Even on our walks at the park together, even if he runs off ahead after a smell or another dog to say hello too, he then waits for me to catch up to him, standing tall, ears perked forward toward me, patiently waiting even though I cant walk that fast most days, let alone run.

I love this dog. And am so grateful that I have him. It took me two years to find him.

2 thoughts on “He’s come so far.

  1. A beautiful tribute. And perhaps, Kobash has also encouraged or inspired you to begin writing, and you are getting better and better at it every day! Thanks for sharing from your journey. xo


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