Oh Nova rova

In all my years (im ancient you know ;)) I have never met another Dog that loves baths as much as Nova does. This Dog, that has more phobias then the most neurotic being on the planet, finds bath time an absolute delight. She waits, sometimes not so patiently, behind me while I bath Kobash. Smelling the shampoo, the water, Kobash being washed, sometimes letting out a delicate sigh to remind me that she’s there so that I don’t forget her. How am I supposed to miss a big blue Grey Hound with her nose practically under my arm pit?

I remember a couple of years ago, I was bathing another Dog that I was doing a pet sit for. After that Dog, I bathed Kobash, Now Nova had enough trouble waiting for Kobash to be done without prancing in one spot and throwing a diva tantrum. By the time I was finished, and drying Kobash in anther room, Nova had started whining. The next thing I know, she’s jumped into the bath tub, flipped upside down (because she has long nails and the tub had two dogs of shampoo in it and was extremely slippery), scrambled back up right again (very IN-delicate for one that prides herself on her gracefulness) and stood there looking me as if to say; “Well. You were taking too long. I took matters into my own paws” Needless to say, im grateful she didn’t break her neck. And she hasn’t jumped in to the tub since. Although from the look on face as she approached the bath tub this afternoon, im sure she was contemplating it. But she instead allowed me to help her in. She’s very co-operative in this task, knowing in her way that with my back the way it is, I have trouble lifting a 26+ kilo Dog in to a bath tub. And she in turn appreciates the warm water and the massage she gets for her co-operation. And as I bath her, I pointedly turn to Kobash and say; “See? That’s how you stand for a bath”. As I find myself constantly moving him back and forth as he tries to move around the tub in his disgust at being bathed. Night and Day these two Dogs. But I love them both.

And right now their both smelling lovely, and aprocotie. All warm in the house till they dry.




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