The day of quiet today is needed I know. But im feeling a bit restless. I experience that on occasion. Even as exhausted as I am form the constant stress, health, and sensory issues ive been dealing with on a daily basis. I know I need to have this time at home, to nap maybe, write a little, commune with the Dogs, and in general just chillax. Husband is out being an extra hand trimming trees. AsperBoy at school. Other than the occasional lorikeet or butcher bird to sing drills into my ears, the sound of clicking keys from my fingers on the laptop, its quiet. Im craving a coffee knowing that until the Husband gets home I wont be getting another one anytime soon. Oh why couldn’t I have said yes to that second cup this morning?! And darn it that I don’t know how to use the coffee machine. But that probably wont change anytime soon. Whats that saying? That it says in the Bible that the man is supposed to make the coffee? Its in Hebrews right?

Yes I went there 😉

I know that Kobash is welcoming the home day. It was a big day yesterday. Psychology for AsperBoy. Robina Town Centre with the millions of people here there and everywhere. No rhyme or reason to their comings and goings. Looking forward to the day when there will pedestrian lanes in malls and shopping centres. I have such difficulty moving about in places like those. Feeling people walking behind me, their voices all around me like being at the beach and a roar from the waves, their laughter as the waves crash and break. So many different smells for me to process. Food courts, makeup stalls, scented candles, lingering tobacco smoke, chewing gum, new shoes, hats…… (thinking in my head Tony Attwood’s comparison of our senses to those of a Dog, and looking down at Kobash wondering how he is coping with it all, when my head is spinning, anxiety rising, and im about to leave the planet?).

Kobash was calm. Walking beside me like any other day. Navigating the moving walk ways (footpathalators?), and escalators. Childrens clothing stores, Big W, Best and Less. Kids wanting to come and pat him because its not every day you see a Blue Heeler mix at Robina Town Centre. Their mothers holding them back when they see him. Though a few got away and made a grab for him, their hands getting lost in his thick fur. Nice and soft after the previous days bath. Like a big warm plush toy for them to hug.

Lots of looks from people as we walked by. Most with a smile on their faces to see him. Some in curiosity. Some in disinterest. I was thankful that no one came to ask me the usual questions. Not something I was able to cope with yesterday. One lady and her staring at Kobash, at his vest, cocking her head sideways like a parrot all the better to see him my dear. Toothy smile on mouth and in eyes. I moved Kobash closer to me, putting him between us, an indication that he was there to help me and I wasn’t able to communicate that today, but a small smile to show that I was sorry. Thankful when It was my turn in line and I could move ahead.

That coffee craving getting stronger. Might have to leave earlier to pick up AsperBoy so I can grab on the way. Dangit need fuel too.

So yes. Quiet day is needed. So is a nap.

Listening to the Dogs breathing beside me in their sleep. Curled up and warm. The warm vanilla smell as described so well a new friend wafting up from Nova, mixed with the apricot from the homeopathic shampoo. Tail wrapped around her back legs. Kobash as close to her as he can get without her moving away from him.

Its peace. Im embracing the few moments of it, letting myself soak it in. Peaceful times like these are so rare these days.                           

         Image         Image

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