Been there. Done that. Try this!

Received my new book in the mail. Been there. Done that. Try this! Recommended to me by Tony Attwood. I’m hoping that there will be some useful info in there to help me with my gradually increasing Hyper Sensitivities. Each day I wake up, I’m anxious as to how much of a sensory bombardment I will have to endure. Its not matter of IF, but HOW MUCH I will have to face.

Today was coping with the aftermath of yesterdays painful reoccurrence, Something that rears its ugly head to torment me none to sporadically, along with another bout of sciatica. Yay back malformations, how I love you. I’m always in some level of pain with it, no matter what I do. Its something I will have to live with for the foreseeable future.

And thanks to my Aspergian brain ever on the go like the energizer bunny, it takes so long for it to slow enough for me to get any decent amount of sleep. So always tired, and with the extra stress that’s been going on for a while now, its all one vicious cycle that is causing my hyper senses to increase in intensity by the day. Noises that I had some success in ignoring, have become in range of uncomfortable to down right unbearable to be near. I spent my days with my hands flying to my head, or my nose to block out a smell. I’ve taken to wearing hats when I go outside to cover over the tops of my sun glasses to the light doesn’t get through from above.

I really need to work on my sensory tool kit that ii can bring with me when I go out. Thank goodness for the ever present Kobash, there to crawl into my lap and ground me when I’m about to fly away.

We made re run through the dreaded local shopping centre today. This was a place that I had avoiding with him (though I had been making ventures there on my own which weren’t the best) since the “episode” the year before last. This is something I may go into on a later time. 

There was an anticipatory air about the shops there today. Preparations in the works for a movie shoot over the next couple of days. Yes my little local shopping centre. Whoda thunk it. Everyone is all discombobulated as to why such a big name star would be filming there. All I can think of is that its come down to cost.  Cheaper there than anywhere else I’m thinking. So Kobash come in with me, and while the Husband went in to pick up something up, I sat down on bench, Kobash on my lap, then at my feet, watching the other shoppers go by. 


Glad when it was time to go home, have some lunch, some spiritual refreshment and a short nap. Something I desperately needed, but wasn’t able to achieve more than a few minutes off due to the pain and pins and needles.

But now its time to make cup cakes, then feed the zoo.



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