Their shooting a movie where now?

The things some people will do for fame or to be discovered. Hanging around movie sets in the effort to catch a glimpse of the famous. This was my local shopping centre this morning. And down the road was a marque city, cars, trucks, trailers, and crew everywhere. People slowing down to see what they could see, wondering what all the excitement was about.

The only thing this aroused in me was curiosity. About why they would choose our little shopping centre to film a movie scene when Movie world is just down the road, and wouldn’t that be more convenient for them? It would have the whole shebang there for them to play with. So why The Pines? The whole hullabaloo was enough to send my mind spinning. Thank goodness for Kobash, there with me as always. To steady me, looking up at me, studying my face to see if I needed him for anything.

I probably wouldn’t have gone to the shops at all today, in what is supposed to be a quite day at home alone for me. But I was driven out by the need for bread, and juice boxes for AsperBoy’s lunch. Then the Pet Shop for Dog food. Mustn’t forget that.  

The inconvenience of having all this going on, the change in routine for what is already a nightmare to navigate, was discombobulating to say the least. I’m glad I don’t have to go back tomorrow. I think if anything, what might pique my interest about it all, would have to be the process of shooting a movie scene. The cameras in action. And then how they edit it all together afterwards, the special effects. The music they use, why they decide to use the music they do for the background. I love that stuff. Though I must admit, that watching a movie that has scenery that I know, landmarks I frequent, that does tickle me. It was the only reason I watched Muriel’s Wedding.

Thankfully now I am home. I escaped the madness in relatively one piece. All except the tension headache, and the lingering upper back and neck pain I’ve been enduring for the last few weeks, and the smell of cigarette smoke in my nose and throat from the incessant smokers hanging around the door ways.

Glad now for the quiet. Anticipating the nana nap I will have after AsperBoy goes off with his social support after school. I have to wait till he gets home first to change and have a snack before I can do that.

But then bring on the zzzzzzz’s.

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