Taste Buds tingling anticipatorily for moist pink frosted morsels of delight.

I have a craving for a cup cake. But I must be good and wait for after dinner. There are  only three left. One for me, one for the Hubby, and AsperBoy. Yet the yearning is still there. Oh sweet marble cake cup cake. I hear you calling me. Tempting me with  your delectable pink frosting, and chocolate swirls. Waiting on a plate for me in the fridge ever so patiently for me to peal off your patty paper and eat you up.

NO! I will be good. After all, there aren’t anymore mixes left for me to make more if I eat you now. Not until tomorrow till I make the brave mission to the shops again. My nemesis the shops. With its bright fluorescent light,  myriad of unpleasant smells, smoke filled doorways, too many pedestrians wondering aimlessly, emerging out of specialty stores without looking and running into trolleys that are already wobbling unstably with two wheels facing front and two sideways. Talking loudly on their phones, to each other or themselves as they figure out where to go next. Too close behind me. Staring at Kobash as we battle through a crowds blocking walk ways without touching…… I could go on.  But I wont. Such thoughts will only make for anxiety over tomorrows outings then I have already.

I will just sit here at the table. Watch tv, surf the net, think about lunch, listen to Kobash and Nova’s rhythmic breathing as they sleep on their mattress next me, and contemplate what I will write for my upcoming talk.

With Cup Cake on my mind.

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