Head Pounding Thursday.

So tired. Thursdays always take it out of me. I feel it in my whole body afterwards.

Battling through Tweed City Mall, then the shopping centre. So many people, so much cigarette smoke wafting around and through the doorways. The benches lined up outside filled with people, “durries” hanging from fingers or lips, the stench of burning Tabaco and goodness knows what else they put in those things clouding the air. Having to hold my breath so I can push the wall of smoke to get inside. Only for it to trail after me. Why did I want to go inside again? Inside to this echoey nightmare, music over the loud speakers, voices straining to be heard over other voices of swarms of bipedal beings nudging one another in their almost desperate  attempt to finish their shopping. And here am I, seeking a path amid the surge, Kobash by my side, almost pulling me along, to hurry us up, to get what we needed done, done and be done with it. Made to JB HIFI. Dropped in phone for the third time. Big sighs over having to drop phone in for the third time. Hoping there wont be a forth. Glasses for Irlen tinting deposit made. One less step to being able move about In the world without going blind from the light. Then a respite. A reprieve till the next stop.

The Pet Shop. Now I normally like the pet shop. When its quiet. The birds, all colourful, winged jewels gracing the front of the shop. Their singing hurting my sensitive ears. I try to not hold my hands over my ears. If I do that, then I wont be able to do what I need to do there. I keep my eyes on the Dogs in Doggy Day Care to distract me from the pain in my back and legs which has steadily gotten worse over the last hour. Done. Next stop.

The Pines shopping centre. Trying to keep my pace going at a rhythm that my back and legs can handle without falling over and causing me more pain. The weight of my bag is now straining on my neck and upper back. Dreaming of being at home with a heat pack and a cup of coffee. By the time we finally left the shops I felt as though my legs were going to either fall off or wither completely. The cramping was past my coping point. I was past coping point by this time. I had had enough. I was ready for home. I knew that if I didn’t get something to eat soon and a rest and a coffee, then I was going to have a melt down. My Brain had had all it could take of noise, and my eyes the light. My ears the noise, and my nose the smell of smoke, hairspray, perfume, burnt cheese, scented candles to name a few of the identifiable smells.

Home now. And surprised by one of AsperBoy’s caterpillars, emerging from its chrysalis, wings gently moving to and fro to dry. He will be so excited when he gets home from school. 5 left to go now. Its a miracle of nature. The energy it must expend to change from caterpillar to butterfly. So beautiful. No wonder they are his obsession.

Now, having wound down. I’m ready for a rest. Shut my eyes for a while and let my brain calm.