Mmmmmm Black Cherry Cup Cake’s

             Image           Image

            Image                   Image

               Image                      Image

               Image                    Image

Black Cherry Chocolate Cake Cup Cakes. Need I say yum? Made just in time so AsperBoy can take a couple (or one if there are any left when he gets home from school) to his dad’s house later.

House cleaning day. Oh what fun. And made the attempt to clean out my car for the first time in 7 months. Had no idea it had been that long. Found to my vexation, that the water bottle that I had in the back for Kobash has leaked all through and into the tool compartment. Everything saturated. And to make it even more joyful, it has been raining today so trying keep the back open so it could dry was a challenge to say the least.

Dropped Mum off to the airport, and looking forward to her return, because she will brining back with her Kobash’s (and Nova’s of course) new comfort coat. A special coat to help reduce any anxiety, which I thought would be good for him when we go to Melbourne with the massive convention that we will be attending. He has been to conventions with me before, but this one is a huge international one. Thousands more people then we have seen in any one spot before. So to help him have the easiest time possible (so he can also do his job for me), I ordered this coat. Its like a thunder shirt, but not as bulky, and will fit nicely under his vest. A lovely new friend put me on to them.

So now jobs done for the day, its time to get ready to go pick up AsperBoy from school. Where does the time go? Seemed the day had only just started.

Tempus Fugid. To the max.


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