Saturday non sleep ins.

Waking up to full body cramps accompanied by pins and needles in my throat. Something which has become commonplace over the last few months. Rare are the nights when I will sleep through and not wake up to pain somewhere in my person. And such was the case this morning. Pain driving me from a warm bed and soft blankets, when I would have much rather slept in. My sleep in Saturday. So up I got, thankful that because of a lovely Husband making me a coffee with our wonderful coffee machine, i’m able to face the day. Two cups down I started to feel like a semi functional being. Then I found myself trapped on the computer for the next few hours in the attempt to find somewhere I could get patches made for Kobash’s vest. Something that people will see that will stop them from trying to pat him and distracting him while he is supposed to be working.

Tempus Fugid. And it was almost past lunch.

Time warps and  4pm. Pick up AsperBoy from his Dad’s. Meet his Dad’s new girlfriend. Jury is out still on that. Past horrors of girlfriend past still haunt us. A lady that hurt AsperBoy on more than one occasion. Glad she is out of the picture. Trust issues are firmly entrenched.

Mmmmmmm the aroma of dinner wafting from the oven to tickle my nose. Chicken breast, bacon, leeks and brown rice. Minus the red and green capsicum I forgot to purchase while at the shops. Kicking myself on that one. It really makes the dish. Lemon sorbet would be nice for after. But I forgot to buy that too. Maybe tomorrow for left overs. Oh yes I made enough for that. I can get the lemon sorbet then.

But for now. Chow. And Bye.

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