What ever happened to manners?

What ever happened to good old fashions manners? Please and Thank-you. Your welcome. Opening doors for the elderly, or a lady. And not staring.

Because of my Aspergers, my Mother drilled good manners into me. This has come as both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because, even though I may have great trouble in social situations, I have enough etiquette to not make things uncomfortable for the people around me. Of course that’s not to say that in times of extreme distress I wont have an Aspie-snap. But you get the idea. The cures comes in the form of witnessing people around me use no manners what so ever and not being bale to do a thing about it. It was drilled to effectively in me, made a rule, that is how you were supposed to behave. So when I see the people around me not obeying the rules, I lose it in pure Aspie fashion. I throw, what I like to call, a “Sheldon” at the world around me.

Today I had another example thrust into my face of this generations lack of good manners. After this mornings meeting, we stopped off at home long enough to pick up a couple of dvd’s that were due back at the local shops. The shops today were uncommonly busy I cant remember the last time I saw that many people at such a small shopping arcade. We had to stop at woolies pick up a couple of things to go with dinner. I had Kobash with me as usual. And boy did we turn heads today! Normally we may get one or two that stare impolitely at us as we move through the crowd, but today im almost sure everyone’s eyes were fixed firmly on us. Yes I was dressed nicely, as I always am for our sunday meetings, but that shouldn’t elicit the rude gawking that we received. It was hard enough trying to navigate the masses, and dodge kids running hither and thither without adult supervision, without the uncomfortable stares. Hard enough to not trip over kids backing into me and Kobash because they weren’t looking where they were going. Another example of ill mannered youth today. No “sorry we almost made you fall”, or an “excuse me”. Just eyes going form slightly startled to disinterested, to oh my gosh theres a Dog in the shops! Mouths agape. We saw the same two youths bike it off afterwards with no thought to the traffic in the car park, no helmet, or worries.   And my promise to AsperBoy if I ever catch him doing that himself. Don’t worry Mum, was the reply. Im not that silly.
I was raised with good etiquette, and my goodness I will raise my son the same way. Call it Aspie stubbornness in me.

2 thoughts on “What ever happened to manners?

  1. I was raised “properly”: it was instilled in me that good manners cost nothing. They are the oil that helps interactions with people flow more smoothly. And they bring rewards too: the beautiful smile and “Thank you” from a woman yesterday when I held the door for her and her small daughter made me feel happy.

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