Invisiblity being the cause of bad manners?

I often wonder if I’m invisible. And maybe that is the reason for my coming across so many people with bad manners. But then I think back on yesterday, and all those stares and gawkings, and I’m more frustrated and confused then ever by human beings total lack for any type of etiquette.

This morning I went to drop off AsperBoy to school as per usual. I was a little late as we had released the last two Monarch Butterflies that AsperBoy had raised from caterpillars. Yes we got it on video. If we hadn’t I’m sure AsperBoy would never have let us forget it. On arriving at the drive through section of the car park, I worked my way up to the end of the line where I could let him out and watch him walk up to the support services building. That was our deal for my not walking up with him. I had to watch him go up, and then he has to wave at me from the window to let me know that he went inside and that someone else was there. This was something we established so he could have some independence. Because of his Aspergers/ADHD he has been known to get distracted, or wonder off. This way I an make sure he is still going where he needs to go.

Now I have to be at the very end of the line so I can see the window and AsperBoy can see me to wave. Today there was a four wheel drive at the end. The lady inside was parked there (in a drive through where the rule was you have to keep moving for the traffic and the people behind you. I have a slight exemption from this because of AsperBoy.) And she was deep in conversation with another lady holding a toddler. The lady outside the car saw me sitting there waiting to move up, and mentioned such to the lady inside the vehicle. She seemed to be saying, she can wait, because they both resumed their chat. This went on for at least 5 minutes while AsperBoy was getting more and more agitated wanting to get out. I don’t blame him. He kept trying to get me to beep the horn at them. Of course I wouldn’t do that. Partly because I didn’t want a confrontation, and partly because I wasn’t going to lower myself to that level. Four Wheel drive lady eventually moved on. By that time the bell had gone. I drove home with the thoughts churning in my head on how rude people could be these days. They had both seen me sitting there waiting to move up. And the cars behind me so I couldn’t move back, and they had chosen to keep up the conversation rather then move on elsewhere to finish it.

And people wonder why so many lose it these days.

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