Sensational senses

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Because of my Aspergian Sensory Sensitivity, I can taste very strongly the flavour in foods. So I don’t need a lot of spices or herbs to zest up a dish when im cooking. I put together foods that compliment each other and bring out each others flavours. The only seasoning I tend to use are Sea Salt, and Garlic granules. And sporadically Rosemary.

I can also get in food habits, and can eat the same thing over and over again. For months its been a repeat of cottage pie, or stew. With the occasional lamb loin chops or roasted chicken legs and wings. I can get like this with other foods too. Like Peanut butter on toast 🙂

The other day I finally had gotten tired of the same old same old, and decided that we needed a change. To mix things up a bit. So I bought some chicken breast, and some bacon. I was trying to see if I could change things with an old favourite that I couldn’t eat anymore due to my allergies. It was a Hungarian Veal stew (except I changed it to chicken). A recipe that my Mother had gotten from an old friend and passed on to me. I fattened up even more by heaping in the sour cream. I loved sour cream. One of the many things I miss because of my stupid food allergies.

So with the bacon and the chicken, I decided on red and green capsicum and leek. I sautéed the capsicum in the leek with olive oil (the only oil we can have that doesn’t have canola, or soy in it). When they were just going soft, I took them out of the pan and put them aside on a plate. I tried to keep in as much of the leek as I could though to cook the bacon pieces in. I then added the chicken to cook. It wasn’t done all the way through when I put the capsicum back in, mixed it up, put it in a crock pot and whacked the whole lot in the oven on about 170-180 to finish the chicken cooking but to get  it real tender. I also cooked up a batch of brown rice to go with it. When it was done, I mixed it all together with the rice and served. There was enough for the next night. It was beautiful! The bacon gave it a nice salty flavour, and the capsicum really complimented it all. It was such a nice change from the constant potato that we’ve been eating for months on end. I think my body was grateful for that too 🙂

This dish is definitely going on the favourites list.

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