Comfort plus for close companions



Kobash and Nova got their new coats yesterday 🙂 a gift from their “grandma”. Nova has the comfort coat because hers ahs sleeves. Kobash has the cool coat because of his longer hair. These are fabulous coats. And the material is nice and soft, and looks easy to wash. These coats help with anxiety in dogs. Now Kobash is pretty good. But with the massive international convention that we will be attending in Melbourne this year, I though he could use a little comfort in case he got a bit anxious with the 70.000 plus people that will be there. It will be a whole new environment for both of us. With the drive down there, catching trains to the stadium, the site seeing that we will be doing, a little extra security couldn’t hurt.

Nova on the other hand has so many anxieties that it would be a shorter list to write down what she isn’t scared of. Plus its good for keeping her a little warmer, especially as they both sleep in the garage at night. Its not as bad as it sounds. The garage is fully closed up, with screens on the door leading to the veranda and on the window, which is large for a good breeze to go through when its hot. There is a two seater couch in there, which granted Nova takes up all for herself and rarely allows Kobash to climb up there with her. Selfish cow dog 😛 ha-ha. But he has a multitude of pillows and dog beds on the floor, along with the extra couch cushions and two blankets for added cosiness. Of course id much rather they sleep inside at night. But compromises must be had in marriage. Right now they inside with me. Nova on the mattress on the floor in the living room, and Kobash in the kitchen area on his faux mink rug on the floor next to me at the computer.  They come inside and keep me company when I’m at home alone. I enjoy this time alone with them . Snuggling on the mattress on the floor in front of the TV. A dog on each side of me. Both half on my lap. Kobash doing headstands/summersaults/tumbles in the attempt to make me laugh. I’m sure that animals do things to make us laugh on purpose. And im also sure that animals enjoy humour too. In their way. I read a book once called, Do Dogs laugh by Jake Page. Brilliant book, along with this question it delves into Dogs eyesight, their culinary preferences and also several decades worth of canine research. And yes Dogs in their own way laugh. How many really study their Dogs? How many take the time to just watch them? How they move, what their saying? I mean really look? You can be looking at something for a long time, and not really see it till you pay attention. I found that out when I started my ASP-session with my favourite of the four legged creations. And in my study of them my appreciation of our creator grew. To watch Dogs, is to see Him. And what he is like. And what pure love is. Not true love as in romances, but pure love. And forgiveness. They forgive and then put away what has hurt them. They don’t dwell on the past. Don’t hold grudges. They are always moving forward. They appreciate life. They bond so close with us. I subscribe to Cesar Milan’s online magazine, and one of his most recent articles was do Dogs mourn. Yes they do. You hear stories all the time, of Dogs visiting grave sites of owners that have died. And I think that everyone knows the story of Haatchi, and how went to the train station every day for 10 years waiting for his owner to come home. But never did. Dogs are so much more complex and their lives so much more rich then people think. And its heartbreaking to see how much they suffer because of humans. And not only them.

So I do the best I can with what I have for my Dogs. I try to appreciate them every day, and Kobash for the job he does for me. Its the very least I can do for such loyal and trustworthy companions.

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