A faced fear for Kobash


Made it through the local again this morning. Just a quick trip for tissues and bacon, some chicken wings for Doggies dinners. It was a remarkable trip in that Kobash and faced a fear that we both share. Balloons. I hate Balloons ( I sincerely believe that they should be declared illegal). The threat of them bursting at any moment from a childs hand, something sharp, being blown up to far…… Kobash first discovered his  fear of them at the locals 25th anniversary. Balloons popping everywhere. Him levitating 20 feet in the air…..

Today, there were balloons at a stall selling home insurance or some such. The man had them plastered all over the place. I had seen them when we walked past to get to woollies, but I don’t think Kobash had seen them as he was on the other side of me.

On the way back, we had to stop at the butcher. Unfortunately it was opposite the balloon man. There were children stopping there to grab one as they went past. It doesn’t matter to kids what is on a balloon, they will want one. Its exciting to have a balloon. I don’t understand it. The man at the stall had one of those machines with which to blow them up. It made a horrendous noise. Like an electric drill right in my ear. My hands flew to my head, and Kobash, who was right in front of me at the time, laying on the floor obediently, finally noticed the balloons. Normally he would have immediately wanted to get the cranberries out of there for safety. But while I could see from his body language that he was unsettled and uneasy to be near them, he didn’t try to bolt. And I can quite confidently attribute that to the Ruff Ruff comfort coat he had on with the light mist of calming spray on it. I’m so glad and grateful my Mum helped me to get them! I did move around to the other side of the butchers counter though. I was feeling extremely anxious about so near to those popping instruments of hell for my liking. And it was only a matter of time before some child would think it would be funny to pop one.
Kobash handled himself well. And he smelled lovely while doing it 🙂

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