Media melt down

Its hard enough to raise awareness about Asperger Syndrome in any kind of positive light. But when the media starts using people like us as the reason for so many acts of violence it just makes it that much harder. Its a form of bullying plain and simple.Is it that we make such easy targets? Or is that people are looking for something to lay the blame on. An easy explanation as the why of a horrible event?  The sad thing is, is that while it is so easy to go to the local library and get out a book on Autism/Asperger’s and educate oneself on it, a very few actually will. And I’m sure no one in the media would. Just because we can have melt downs due to emotional or sensorial overload, does not mean that we would go and gun down a school. People with Asperger/Autism aren’t the only ones who suffer from bullying. Many other people do also. Id like to hope that people will eventually stop pointing the finger at us as a first cause for tragic happening in the future, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Big changes to peoples out looks need to happen before then.

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