After having most of the last couple of days off due to his ear infections, Kobash was again out and about with me today. It was AsperBoy’s psychologists visit. And we had a lot to chat about. Mostly about AsperBoy’s escalating bad behaviour over the past couple or so weeks. Its discombobulating to say the least. Where was it all coming from? I know he can act like when he has had food that he reacts to. And things have been changing a lot around his Dad’s house with his Dad’s new gf. And things have been a bit stressful around here. Or is it a combination of the three? Who knows, So after a call from the school yesterday afternoon to tell me that they too had noticed the decline in AsperBoy’s attitude and his big steps backwards, I brought him home early so we could have a chat maybe try to figure out what has been going on. We didn’t get very far unfortunately, but we did manage to clean his whole room out and vacuum it too (much to my ears horror). But all I had in my head at that time was, Clean room, Clean mind. Let it be so. He did sleep better last night. I think I only heard him have one nightmare (oh yes they are back, hence my thoughts on something foodie going on).

Today though was a better then we’ve had over  the  last couple weeks. We had his psychology session, which went very well. We got a lot done and made some new resolutions and strategies on how to deal with the stuff going on. Kobash decided he was going to some summersaults on the floor when I wouldn’t let him have a nibble on his front legs or stick his foot in his ear to irritate the infection. Everyone laughed. I did not He just looked at me sideways, and I just knew that if he could, he would have winked at me. Then AsperBoy decided to have a mini melt over his loom bands, and Kobash’s head swivelled around to look at the door where he was, ears fully alert. He didn’t get up, but he doesn’t like to hear the AsperBoy upset. So I went to settle things down.

All sorted.

Then it was off to the local to cram in all the grocery shopping I could fit into an hour. Yes I forgot stuff. Yes I also had a list. No I missed what was on the list. And then I forgot. By this time I was getting really tired, the noise at the shops was crowding in too close, I was having too hard of a time tuning it out. I had my tinted glasses on (longing for the Irlens when I get them) and a poor boy hat on with a little peak at the front to help shade my eyes from the over head fluro lights flickering and sending me blind.

To AsperBoy’s credit, he did really well at the shops today. Better then a long time. I think the fact that I had him wear his hat too helped. He was very good and co operative. Even when we had to go back out this afternoon to pick up my car from the auto electrician (yes again) and stopped off to pick up some of things I forgot earlier.

Now, he is reading his moshi magazine and waiting for me to get off the comp so he can go on YouTube and do loom bands.

And we still have the meeting tonight too.

Can I have a nap now?

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