Man on the Bike


The Man on the Bike. The landmark that made a little corner shopping centre in Tallebudgera. “Meet you at the Man on the Bike”. “You know the one I mean? At the Man on the Bike”. There he would sit. Tall and proud, on his Penny Farthing. Wearing his Akubra hat. Staring out over Tallebudgera. Guarding the little corner shopping centre and all who worked there. Till vandals came and burnt him down. For years, all that was left was the metal stumps of his legs, and the remains of the Penny Farthing. A sad reminder of what this world is capable of.

It was so long that he was gone. A new generation didn’t know about him. So when if you mentioned, you know the shops at The Man on the Bike? All you would get was a confused expression.

Then one day it looked like preparations were being made for something. The garden around the bike was cleaned up. The bike and the legs were cleaned up. And then there he was. The Man on the Bike, back on his bike. Resuming his watch over Tallebudgera and the little corner shops. Sitting tall and proud on the saddle on his Penny Farthing. Of course, it wasn’t long before someone dared to mar him. Drawing a smiley face on what was once a blank mask, in black niko pen. And then the tragedy of him set a light again. Now he sits, a burnt out wreak. A chard corpse on his Penny Farthing.


I do not understand young people today. Why would they burn him down? Were they so bored that they had to destroy what took someone care and effort to create? This was someone’s art work. Thought and time went into his creation. And a bored and uncaring youth took seconds to reduce it to ash. I hope one day that who ever did this, will understand what it is they did. It was callous and cowardly.

I wonder how long it will be before he sits on his bike again. Or even IF he does.

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