Sunday’s Monday’s and Social hangovers.



Off with the glasses this week to get the Irlen tinting. For which I am grateful. Its taken a while to get it going what with the cost for etc. Not cheap. AsperBoy will be next to get testing for them.

I could have really used them yesterday at the Assembly. It was a lovely day. The people, the program. We had a nice lunch at midday. Savoury rice, coffee for us grown ups, and cup cakes for dessert. Kobash lay behind the chairs on one of his mats, so he would be off the cold tiles. He didn’t beg even once. Proud of that boy. And proud of AsperBoy too, for being so good for the day. Just one upset, when he took off ahead of us back to the tables outside after we had taken the lunch boxes back to the car. He thought we were right behind him. I had told him we were heading for the toilets before they got over crowded, but we was off in loom band land and was looking for a place to sit so he could do them. He wanted to show the other kids there how to do it. When I had gone back outside again I was faced with an anxious and crying AsperBoy who had evidently gone looking for me, and when he couldn’t find me had worked himself up into a frenzy. One of my friends had found him and was unable to console him. Of course once he had found me, had his cry and told me off for not being behind him when he thought I was, while I told him that I had in fact informed him of where I was going, he turned around and was off again. Sigh. What can you do hey? But it was still a nice day. Which would have been a lot more enjoyable if not for the sensory overload that was suffering. The noise was such that my head felt like it was in a vice.  I was tense from the middle of my back, straight through my neck and into my head. I sought refuge in the car after lunch once everyone had gone back inside. Just a few minutes of quiet, to collect myself. My eyes were strained and sore from the light inside and out. And I still had to drive back home. Thankfully we arrived home before it was dark, as the dang dash lights were off again. And it looks as if for the foreseeable future I’m stuck with the lemon of a car I have.

Social hangover to the max today. Day on my own tomorrow to sleep maybe and vege in front of the TV and maybe read too. A day with just me and the dogs. AsperBoy will be back at school after the long weekend, and he husband will be off doing husbandly things.

Will try to finish the new book I got a couple weeks ago now. Been there, done that, try this. One thing I have already come away with to help my anxiety, especially the anxiety I feel trying to leave the house in the morning where I inevitably forget something if not everything, including shopping lists, is make a check list on what needs to be done and tick it off (remember shopping list. Tick. Remember head phones. Tick). Looking forward to what else I can learn that will help not just me, but AsperBoy too.

6 thoughts on “Sunday’s Monday’s and Social hangovers.

  1. Why do you call your son Asperboy? I can only guess that it is short for “Aspergers or Aspie boy” but i cant imagine anyone calling their child by their differences since names are structured and reserved for defining someone. Do you call him this or other names to his face and/or in public?


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