Craving creativity,

though unsure which mode of expression to let out

feelings uncertainty and emotional extremes.

Blended feelings of restlessness and apathy.

Pain on waking.

Build up of emotions and senses heightened beyond endurance.

Too many thoughts churning, spinning, tumbling,

not coalescing into recognizable form.

Body protesting mental assault.

Stiff neck, tight back.

Crying for the pressure and pain.

Emotional, social, meltdown hangover.

Brain hurts.

Pulsing in the vice.

Yearning the respite that is yet unseen.

Two warm furry bodies that provide some comfort,

and even if not understanding, accepting of self.

Ear alert even in sleep.

Bright white around the eyes that,

flicker back and forth between the blue hound beside him

and the being behind.

Always he hears me.

Not trying to clothe in excess emotions or thoughts,

but take mine on himself.

An anchor in uncertainty.


4 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. Elle, have you ever tried visual art, or craft, or music – something that is not verbal-textual based? I find these relaxing and calming, allowing me to be expressive without worrying about words, syntax, spelling etc. Don’t let anyone tell you your creativity is not good enough – there is no such thing, by the way. Every utterance is a valid one!


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