ominous liaisons

Spreading the word about agenda of autism speaks and their detrimental effect on the lives of those of us on the spectrum and future generations.


The above video is by Autism Speaks, and it embodies the one fundamental reson d’ete of the powerful, wealthy organisation. The organisation took down the video from their website because of the immense outcry from the autistic community, but they have never changed their agenda. In case you are unaware, Autism Speaks does NOT speak for autistic people. In fact, we abhor this organisation, because they have repeatedly ignored the voices of the very people they purport to be helping. The mission, instead, is actually to eradicate autism from humanity. Yes. It doesn’t take a brilliant intellect to figure this out. It merely takes empathic insight. Sadly, this is lacking in most of neurotypical society.

Why am I posting this horrific nihilistic video?

I am crushed. It has been a long, anxiety laden, stress filled morning. Ten minutes to noon, but I am already spent, exhausted. I came home after a sensorially fraught…

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