Thursdays just keep on going on.

Look on Kobash's face after seeing the lab

Look on Kobash’s face after seeing the lab


Can I play now Mum?

Can I play now Mum?

Little Lucy was very patient.

Little Lucy was very patient.


Mum! He wants to play with me!

Mum! He wants to play with me!





Something new to add to the reactions that I get from sensory overload. I now get dizzy and my head spins when im around too much noise and people and smells and light….. Found this out in one of the worst places. Right in the middle of Robina Town Centre. Oh what fun. I can only figure, that with the massive emotional melt down I had on Monday night which left me drained, my chest hurting and my neck that stiff I still cant turn it to the left, that this is just a side effect of that. With the accumulation of stress and anxiety, its almost like my brain is flaring, sparking, and setting off new physical reactions. I’ve decided that I really do need something more  creative in my life. Something which wont only be good for me, but also beneficial for AsperBoy. We both like art. And with this on my mind for a few months now, and with some extra encouragement and suggestions (thanks Bunny 🙂 ) I’m going to start setting up an art corner in our garage. There is plenty of space there for it. I’m going to get an easel, some shelves put up, and a set of draws with paints (not sure whether oils or acrylics yet) and an old table. I’ve also decided that its been long enough, and I want to get back into doing some pottery. I’ve driven past a place out in Tallebudgera often enough and have always wanted to go back and ask if they fire peoples pieces and if so how much. Of course nothing I do will ever get shown, its just for some creative outlet. I know that AsperBoy will have a lot of fun with it too. He loves making art and working with his hands.  And there is never enough coffee cups in the house 😉

Kobash was good as usual while we were at the Centre. We met up with a lady who also has a Dog through A.W.A.R.E Dogs Australia. It was nice to catch and have a coffee and a chat. And she understood when I had to leave when the over load was getting to much and I thought I was going to have a massive panic attack right there. Kobash so badly wanted to play with her Dog, but Lucy (another Lucy Service Dog, but this one a little Maltese/poodle mix). Every time Lucy made even small movement, Kobash would jerk up off the floor and dart toward her, full heeler herd kicking into gear. Of course I would scold him and make him get into his position. I think the sight of another Dog, a guide dog in training made him all the more excited. He has a thing about Labradors (we have one next door, and he and the lab run up and down the fence line with each other getting all worked up and over excited) and staffys too. except with staffys, he tries to “fix” them because they generally tend to be hyper and a little nutty. I can say with confidence after having walked quite a few and owning one also 🙂 But still lovely dogs, and not deserving of the bad rap they get. The only thing with Kobash is that when he tries to fix another dog, he does the heeler pinch (with his teeth) and people freak out because they think that he is trying to bite their dog. Which isn’t the case at all. If he were aggressive there is NO way he would have passed to becoming an Assistance Dog. He just has a thing about Dogs that get obsessed about balls and sticks and tried to snap them out of it. They either snap at him and charge him and he runs away, or they start playing with him. Which is partly what he wanted 🙂 Weird dog that dog o’mine.

But I was so grateful to have him with me yesterday. He knew when I had enough and needed to leave, when I couldn’t stand in the same position any longer and needed to move, and when the Centre was just too much for me, and he pulled me out of there. He knows where the exit it. He has a good memory that dog 🙂 Proof of that today when he saw another cattle dog (there is nothing Kobash loves more than another working dog) out the front of the corner shops. Tied up out the front and waiting for his master. Very calm and placid. Kobash got excited and wanted to go say hello, but we were going in another direction. We ended up going through another entrance, and when we came out he yanked me out the doors expecting to see the cattle dog, who of course was already gone. Head went down, and he let out this big sigh. So cute. But he will have something great to look forward to soon. A friend of mine adopted a 9 week old cattle dog. A little deaf girl. She had her best friend depart from her a couple years ago. He was deaf boy. They were the perfect team. She is so good with deaf dogs. Its all natural for her. So she was the perfect one to take on this little girl. No one else wanted her because she is deaf. As she gets older and starts going through adolescence, my friend may bring her over here to have play dates with Kobash. She works at the local pet shop and they have a doggy day care there, but she wants her little girl to have another working dog to play with. And she loves Kobash. I cant wait to see the look on his face when he meets her for the first time. I’m sure it will be love at first sight 🙂

Right now he is snuggled up with Nova .Both of them happily belching the evening away after a big dinner. The Hubby and I will have a quite one tonight as AsperBoy is off for the night at his Dad’s. So off I go. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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