No, you may not pet my Service Dog…


Kathryn McClatchy

…but thanks for asking. In case you can’t read it, Gizmo has a sign on his harness that says “SERVICE DOG do not distract.” Have you ever wondered why? I know I did before I was partnered with my half lab/half guardian angel.

Gizmo (2)I am amazed at how often complete strangers see my service dog (SD) when we’re out in public and race over asking as they come if they may pet him. The shocking thing is that at least 80% of the time when I say “no” they give me a dirty look and go back to what they were doing without saying another word to me. In essence they are saying they have no interest in me, a fellow-human, they just want to play with my dog. A few people are audacious enough to call me names or complain as they walk away. And these are adults, the children usually have…

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