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Hurry up Mum


Handsome Hubby and the Rainbow blessing


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Been a while since ive written anything. So busy the last few days. Up to Tony Attwood’s offices to see a lady up there. She specializes in couples where one is Aspergian and one is Neurotypical. She helps up to understand each others “languages” better. Plus she helped us to help AsperBoy too. All in all definitely worth the long drive up there and back again. Just kicking myself that I forgot to pack a snack pack like I usually would have for the drive. I was ravenously hungry when we got back. I feel hunger so acutely. AsperBoy does too. Im attributing it to the sensory issues. AsperBoy’s latest psychology session proved fruitful too. Lots of handy hints to help with getting him assessed with his sensory issues, and social skills. Next year we are going to get his iq tested. I never thought something like that was important, but his psychologist said that it will help in assessing what his strengths and weaknesses are. Makes sense I suppose.
Had a lovely Saturday with the Hubby. Went for a nice walk with the Dogs at the local dog park. I love that Dog park. Its so open, lush and green. trees everywhere. Big trees. The Creek flows along side it for any dog that is athletic enough to climb down to it. Which Kobash is. He will disappear into the high grasses and brush that border the foot path, then you’ll hear an almighty splash. A few seconds later, up will come a very wet Kobash. A big grin on his face and he comes up close…..and shakes water all over you. All you can do is laugh. And walk home partially wet. There are so many trails that you can go down, so its never boring. There will be butterflies fluttering here and there, fish jumping out of the water, all kids of birds. Its Doggy paradise. Down one walkway is a bbq area and kids playground. AsperBoy loves going down that way. He loves the climbing frame. Little monkey that he is. There is one walkway that I don’t often go down. Ive ended up coming home with dogs so stinky that they could peel paint just walking past it. What would have been a quaint little wooden bridge over the creek, is actually a swamp. The algae covers it like a green carpet. So deceptive that dogs have thought it was grass. Only to jump down from the bridge (its so low it skims that water) and end up over their heads in stagnant water. The only life is the bugs and the ducks. And the semi green dogs I walk home with. Not good when you walked other peoples dogs. I had one dog once take three other dogs into the muck with him in his chase of the ducks. He was spoodle and had a weakness for them. Yes I washed the afterwards so as not to offend their owners 😛 And yes, when I do take that pathway, I invariably have the dogs on their leashes. And on Saturday we were blessed with the most vibrantly colourful rainbow I think ive seen in a long time. “Click”! And snapped up Hubby pic in front to remember.
Right now I smile as I remember, and listening to the party rock anthem. In a seated position of course. Cant listen to it standing up or I’ll hurt myself trying to dance to it. Which I did in Kmart once when it came on over the speakers. My back was out for days.
The school holidays start this week, and AsperBoy is actually looking forward to it for change. Things have been a bit tough for him of late. His anxiety is getting worse as he gets older and with the more things that seem to be going on in life. But I’ve recently found out that on the mental health plan that convers his psychology sessions, some of the sessions can be used on therapy with a horse! He is so excited. Its programs like that at healing hooves that make it possible. So beneficial for the kids. I can only get two sessions for him now as I only just found out about it, and he only has 4 sessions left on the plan. But next year he will get more. Animals really do seem to be able to help our kids in a way that we cant. Horses are so different from Dogs though. If your angry or anxious or upset, a Dog will get right in your face and try to snap you out of it. But a horse wont go near you until you calm yourself down. It will be interesting to see how AsperBoy goes.
Tempus Fugid. And soon it will be October and the time for our first trip away together as a new family. The convention which is the main feature of the trip, visiting family in Sydney and Melbourne, Luna park, the open range zoo, the markets, the science works and museums. The big library. So many things to see and do there and on the way. And planning it all in Aspie fashion. The time calculated between stops, where we’re stopping, how long we’re stopping for……… And the list of what we’re bringing with us keeps growing and growing. At this rate we’ll need a trailer. Or to drive there in a truck.
Hair all chopped off now too. With the tar pit ive been stuck in for months, I felt the need to do something drastic to catapult me out of it. I had been thinking for the past few months about going short again. But after some googling of short hair styles I finally had the reason to make the move. So off it all went on Thursday. This Friday I will be going back to blonde for part two of the new do. My natural colour is blonde. Except I will be going REALLY blonde! And a bit short too. I still want to quiff the front up if I want 🙂

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