Over it and out.


Always has a hug for me.


Its finally been torn. I’m am so over my car now. I have decided that even though I don’t know how, why, which, where or when, its going to happen, but that car is going! I’m tired of getting a concussion when I open the boot. Of not being able to lock it because it pops back open again. Of not being able to closes the doors without slamming them. Of not being able to start it without pushing the button to kill the kill switch which doesn’t work either. To say id been conned into buying would be obvious. At the time, I had sold my van and needed something to drive around in. And still in single Mum status, so I needed wheels. So even though the niggling thought in my mind was telling me that they took our offer WAY too fast, I still bought it. And I’m suffering for it now. Oh how I love the burning rubber smell when I’ve been driving around for a while.

But…..BIG but. Unless I suddenly come into some money, or the dollar I planted in the backyard decides to grow roots, I have no idea how I’m going to turf this car and get one that works. One that we can take to Melbourne with us. One with a functioning air conditioner. That stays locked when you lock it. One big and roomy……..sigh. GAH!  At least today is better than yesterday. Then again actually getting some sleep WILL make your day brighter. I’ve so sleep deprived of late. The little that I do get has been non existent for days. I was about to go mental. Its hard enough dealing with hyper senses and stress without being a nut job from lack of sleep.

Kobash today has been on the ball for me. Hubby and I were having a conversation with a friend outside their house, when a magpie flew down and started squawking at Kobash. With that bird going at it, along came a flocks of butcher birds to join in. All focused in Kobashs direction. My hands were over my ears to try to drown out the sound, which as anyone with heightened hearing can tell you does jack squat at actually blocking out any noise. I was desperate for it to stop, and Kobash came to my rescue. He looked at the bird that instigated the raucous, and headed straight for it. All he did was do the heeler stare and make two steps, when the bird took the message and flew off. All the rest of the birds in on the action also flew off. And then it was very quiet. ALL the birds in area had gone off with the flock that took off. Kobash, a look of satisfaction on his face, moved back to my side and laydown. I love that dog. I love that he is there when I need him in situations like that. Right now he is having a well deserved break. After he had his meaty treat he parked it on the mattress on the floor next to Nova, and fell fast asleep. Nova got her treat too. I never come home from being out with Kobash without giving her one too. I always feel bad that she has to stay at home while Kobash comes out with me everywhere. I’m so glad I have someone who loves Hounds and Loves Nova that will look after her while we’re all away in Melbourne. I’m sure she will get spoilt rotten. She will go off all packed up with her food and treats, and faux fur blanky (that I’m buying for her next month :)) and her comfort coat and calming spray. This will be the longest time I’ve been away from her. And the cats too.

But right now I think I will go and have a nap. Still trying to catch up on sleep.

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