School Holidays. Friend or foe?

School holidays. Just thought is start this one off on a scream, haha, I kid. So many people dread the though of school holidays, I don’t so much, Even with a child on the spectrum and anxieties and melt downs and tantrums, I still don’t mind them. Maybe because I only have the one child, I don’t know. But aside from the fact that mornings are always…..GAH! The rest of the day (once the medication has started working) is better, (I do Love my boy, and he is a boy bordering on hormonal changes and adolescence) and he can focus better. I agonized over the whole medication thing. I didn’t want to have to go there unless it was absolutely necessary. I tried everything else first. Teas, tinctures, drops, homeopathy, naturopathy, the gf/cf diet…… The diet though is something we have stuck to as he is allergic to gluten and dairy. Those things do make him sick. Finding that out was such a blessing. Before he got on it, he was all over the  place, aggressive, biting me, kicking me, you name it. Along with the physical side effects that those foods were giving him with high fevers out of no where, explosive runs, constant congestions and colds and flus, having his tonsils out because they were that scared up they were like an old mans. It was torture seeing him sick all the time. When I found out about the Gluten and Casein free diet by pure accident and chance, I thought it would be good to try it out. So I did. The book said that if he turned out to be intolerant of gluten and casein then he would go through withdrawals from them like an addict off heroine. And boy did he. For a week he was sick with a temperature as it was coming out of his system. But after that week, what a difference. His aggression stopped. He stopped trying to hurt me, you could actually talk to him. The change in his behaviour was such that even his school asked me what was going on. They would tell me that he was doing better in class. He also stopped being sick all the time. That was about 3 or 4 years ago now. Since then he has had maybe 1 or 2 actual colds or flus. He just doesn’t get sick. The only time he does is when he has eaten something he cant have. Usually when he has been at his dad’s. He also started trying new foods which he wouldn’t before. He would only ever eat cheese and bread. While the diet is restrictive he never misses out. He still gets chips, lollies and cake, ice cream etc. Its just all gluten and dairy free. I’m on the same diet. And yes I so miss cheese cake. But I’m allergic to all that stuff too. Sigh.

After the diet we also tried the alternative stuff like the tinctures and teas. The local health food stores know us very well. In the end his melt downs and the troubles he was having at school made the final decision for medication. After meeting with the school and talking to support services. AsperBoy would have melt downs in which he would trash the support service rooms, pick up benches and throw them….. All from anxiety and over load. He would be tortured afterward, and in tears and so sorry. He couldn’t control himself. He couldn’t settle in to (By this stage his new school) the school and the class room. He was terrified of even going into the class room after all the bullying he copped at the last school. So after debating it and going over and over it we went to the paediatrician. It took about a year or so to get  steady on it. Adjusting the dose and all that. But he is doing much better now. He still has anxiety, but we work on that together with his psychologist. He loves school. Loves learning. They have worked so hard to help him. And he has improved so much. I love reading the comments on his report cards. Always so positive. So while I would have much rather have not gone down the medication path, I cant argue with the results. Mornings aren’t easy. Its very hard to get him to focus and eat his breakfast (it can take an hour for him to eat a piece of toast) get dressed (he does everything else but) brush his teeth…… But when he is focused he draws wonderful pictures and detailed pictures of the butterflies he loves (including descriptions). I would have to say that is the downside of the ADHD part of AsperBoy. Having to take medication. But I love my Boy. He is creative, intelligent, witty. He is caring and thinks about other people. He is polite. And funny. So I do enjoy our holiday time together. He just loves to be able to sleep in 😛 Its still important to stick to some kind of routine though or he isn’t settled. He doesn’t know what to do. If he doesn’t have some kind of activity or job to do he is all over the place and anxious. These holidays though are going to be pretty sedentary. Which wont be fun for him. But he hurt his knee at school, and until we find out what the MRI and xrays say is going on in there (with the possibility of an arthroscopy) he isn’t allowed to be on his feet much. So stock him up with books, dvds, loom bands, pencils and anything else I can fit on his lap. He is already going slightly mental. Mine left ages ago.

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