The Kobash fund

I started a gofundme page in the hopes that I might be able to raise the money to get the extra gear i need for Kobash (my Service Dog) and the extra training to teach him to help with new issues that have arisen. Yay for chronic health. Which is the reason I haven’t been blogging for a while.

After all the too-ing and fro-ing from the doctor and the multitude of tests over the past few years, I’m grateful I finally know what the issues are. Though now is a time for learning and adjustment to new routines and dietary changes…..GAH! So sick of dietary changes! I also know what the issues are with my son, as aspects of his health have been puzzling for a long time. The blessing there is with his age a few changes with diet and a few extra things will help him immensely and hopefully prevent him from getting as bad as me.

Kobash doing a tuck at the doctors.

Kobash doing a tuck at the doctors.

I  have added the link to the gofundme page I started in the hopes it may get around and more people will see it.

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