And what all we Autistics fear most……Autism Awareness Month….dun dun DAAAAAAAA!

It’s here. What we Autistics dread every year. Autism Awareness April.

But why do we dread this month? A month set aside just for us? A month to raise awareness about Autism. To help us. To make us known.

It sounds innocuous enough. But in reality, to Autistics like myself, it only serves to make us more aware that organizations like Autism $peaks do not speak for us. It’s not about including us. It’s about raising awareness about the plight of Autism. That it’s the worst thing that can happen to your family. That it tears families apart. That your life will be ruined if you have an Autistic child. It’s about eradicating us, and if that fails, it’s then about forcing us to appear as “normal” as possible so as to not make everyone in neurotypical society uncomfortable in our presence.

We have drilled into us from the moment of diagnosis all the therapies and courses, diets and pills, natural remedies, chelation therapies, ABA therapies, bleach enemas and shock therapies in every effort to purge Autism from our systems. And when that doesn’t work the anti-vaxxers will get their claws into unsuspecting parents blaming them for causing their child’s Autism by giving them vaccinations. The rise in communicable diseases is now on the rise because of the ignorance of their campaign. Their fear mongering. It doesn’t help that well-known people in the media will jump on that bandwagon and promote it in their uneducated ignorance.  The viciousness of the attacks from these people is insane in their berserkers rage. Insanity at its purest form. And when I see their comments and their hate in action it brings to my mind visions of straight-jacketed zombies, hissing and spitting and slavering (I have a vivid imagination).

I’ve come to learn in watching the world in their view of and their lack of acceptance of Autism, is that people will search every corner of the world, using all the resources that they can, to find a cause, a reason for what they don’t understand. And if they can’t find a reason for it, they will either try to cure it or kill it.

I find that confusing. It’s something that I will never understand. Why people who work so hard to show that they are different and not like everyone else, that they are unique and one of a kind, will attack that which is different. Why do that if you like being different? Can anyone explain that to me?

I think that will be one of the mysteries of the world. Like Stonehenge.

It’s hard to not get caught up in frustrations and anger at the light it up blue campaigns and autism awareness. At trying to educate people who don’t really want to be educated or learn the truth. All people really want these days is to have their ears tickled with pleasing anecdotes and light-hearted stories of the triumph over autism. They don’t really want to see how many children are suffering from these so called “treatments”. They don’t want to see the pictures of the inside of a child’s intestines coming out of their body from bleach enemas. They don’t want to see another news article of another parent who couldn’t handle their autistic child anymore so they killed them.

But we see it all. From the most verbally eloquent of us to the most expressive nonverbal of us, we see it all. We feel it all.

We want a world where neurodiversity is embraced and accepted and celebrated. Not crush kill destroyed. All I see right now is a world where it’s fast becoming an ‘us versus them’ scenario. And no one is a winner then.

We make jokes among ourselves about the plight of neurotypicalness. Of finding a vaccine to rid the world of neurotypicals. And we laugh at the thought of it. But underneath I’m tired of seeing people’s view of us. Their ignorance. I’m tired of feeling frustrated and angry at the news articles about autism awareness month, of another breakthrough cure/treatment/remedy for autism. Of another child killed by their parents and news media generating sympathy for the parents. Of more and more outbreaks of diseases that had been eradicated because of vaccines on the rise because a dead child is better than a child with autism.

If you really want to know anything about autism, ask an ACTUAL autistic. Educated yourself. It’s not a hard thing to do. If we want to be called an autistic person over ‘person with autism’, respect that wish. For people who often say, you can’t believe everything you read in the paper or see on t.v, you do an awful lot of jumping on the bandwagon when you see something on t.v or read something in the paper about autism.

If you want to really support us, do your research on organizations before you get involved with them. Respect our choices. Don’t light it up blue. As a good friend of mine says, ‘leave blue in your

Don’t light it up blue. As a good friend of mine says, ‘leave blue in your loo’.

As a good friend of mine says, ‘leave blue in your loo’.


For more education you can go to:

Posted by Amythest Schaber on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One thought on “And what all we Autistics fear most……Autism Awareness Month….dun dun DAAAAAAAA!

  1. Loved this! Truly, it is tiring, and so soul damaging, to have to face all the “awareness” that is flung at us, not just in April, but more intensely so in this dreaded month long marathon of scaremongering mixed with various shades of pity. 🙂


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