I wake up every morning and make sure my son is getting himself organised for the day, getting his breakfast, shower, teeth etc, prodding him along when he gets distracted (which is all the time), all while trying to get myself organised and breakfast ready (all before coffee mind you). Its not an easy task to get ready for the day. Why? Because executive dysfunction sucks big time. And both my boy and I have difficulties with it.

We each have our own strengths and weaknesses as Autistic humans. But I don’t tend to focus on the “weaknesses” of our neuro-culture. I don’t get up everyday and put my boy through hours of ABA or other type therapies. I don’t subject him to all the so called “treatments” that they put our kids through in the effort to purge them of being autistic.

I actually love my boy the way he is. He was born this way for a reason. I was born this way for a reason. To see the world differently. To experience it in ways that others sadly lacking our neurology will never understand or experience. See more colours, feel emotions so intensely. Move with the rhythm that the world around us has like a boat bobbing on the waves of the sea.

Yes the world around us can loud, and too bright, and too in your face. Yes it can overload us and cause us to shut down or meltdown or close ourselves off. But if I had the choice to be anything other than what I am would I?

No. Immediate. Resolutely. Undeniably no. I would never give up seeing and feeling things the way I do. To enjoy the little things so much I flap and jump or skip. To see my son laugh so full bodily to anything that strikes his funny bone. So completely and enjoyably. I would never give that up.


Yes this world frustrates me to the point of apoplexy, the way most “normal” people treat us, see us, abuse us. Why they don’t see that they are different too. That they have the same issues that we have (if at a different scale). Why are we the only ones to have to suffer all the therapies and treatments? Do their children not also have social issues and have to put up with peer pressure and bullying? Do they not also feel like the odd one out or alone or find it hard to make friends? YES they do.

SO if this is the case why are we the ones that are “wrong’? Why is our existence so bad that you would force your children to suffer electro shock therapy? Chelation therapy? Bleach enemas? You think your child enjoys all that? Why are we the ones used for fodder for comedy shows? Does it make any sense?


It doesn’t.

So I go about my day making it through the best I can when it wasn’t built with us in mind. I love and care for my son the way any good parent would love and care for their child, without restraint or limitations. Because to me regardless of this culture, his neuro-culture, he’s a human being. I am a human being.

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